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They fine you in Singapore if you throw trash in the streets.

Those who laugh much are happier than those who laugh little.

Hey Mickey, I heard through the grapevine that you and Susie are going out. Way to go!

We haven't been able to do that yet.

There are bean bags in our library.

We must abide by the rules of the game.

Is it good or not?

I was in bed already.

"How much is this handkerchief?" "It is ninety-five cents."


Did you steal this?

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If you are to realize your dream, you must work harder.

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Why won't anyone help him?

I teach third grade.

Kit won't be back till tomorrow.

I like Norwegian Swedish jokes.

Prosperity is not expected for the next two years.

Father had his lawyer draw up his will.

They're leaving us.

Could we discuss this later?

Don't bother coming in this rain.

I'm pretty sure that they trust us.

It's clear Skef isn't going anywhere.

Pratap made it quite clear what he wanted.

The shipment has reached us safely.

Saqib is right.

The technicians carefully checked the exterior of the aircraft.

The house gets painted every five years.

They study in the afternoon.

Neville bought some land to build a house on.

Antonio won't hurt himself again.


I'd like to buy that, but I don't have any money.

I'm not invincible.

I say happy birthday.


I shouldn't have put my laptop so close to the edge of the table.

Morton sat on the edge of the desk.

The police will put you in prison.

Manjeri left five minutes ago.

She took over her sister's identity.

The Royal Canadian Mint will no longer distribute the coin to financial institutions around the country, but it will remain legal tender.

I couldn't find out anything.

I need you to talk to him.

Your letter has arrived too late.

I told him I wasn't interested.

Look, that's the strangest group of prisoners I've ever seen.


I think Boston is worth visiting.

We shall overcome all our difficulties.

She's a very good teacher.


I haven't yet gotten used to the food here.

The witness identified the thief in the police lineup.

The only business of the head in the world is to bow a ceaseless obeisance to the heart.

Were you born in the twentieth century?

Tadashi has a soft voice.


She tried to get whatever she wanted.

I nodded, but did not move.

I really think Tatoeba is a good tool for learners and have even suggested it for all my students.


Adlai tried to break the door down.

There used to be some big trees around the pond.

My dog has got a Danish passport.

I finished writing the report.

You're not fooling anyone.

When I stopped by this morning, Subra was still in his pajamas.

Why do you need this money?


She is progressing in Chinese.


Kim certainly seems to be unbiased.

We have no other options.

My daughter won't listen to me.

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We have few occasions in life to be witness to extraordinary history.

Everyone but Eugene was busy.

May I present Mr Hummer.


Sumitro would be terribly disappointed if we didn't go to his party.

The WHO has a plan to reduce the harmful use of alcohol. It includes raising taxes on alcohol, reducing the number of places to buy alcohol and raising the drinking age. Officials say other measures include effective drunk driving laws and banning some alcohol advertising.

I was prepared to do anything they asked me to do.

I know very little about him.

The is on the verge of dying.

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After your death you will be what you were before your birth.

Why did you invite us?

I wonder if Carole has ever considered cycling to work.

We read the letter again and again.

I immediately went out to the kitchen and kneaded dough made of flour, butter, sugar, water, salt, and yeast.

Suzanne is packing up.

As long as you are here, we might as well begin.

It just made sense.

Our grandchildren will love it.

I thought you wanted to be a dancer.

Dan's message was insulting.

I asked you to wait for me.

The race was fixed.

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Beauty is a short lived tyranny


Why did you tell her to do it?

"Let me see .... Do you have tomato juice?" says Hiroshi.

Elric is well paid for the work he does.

Some Sioux gave that old trapper a golden nugget.

Lars and Dimetry danced close together.

Which is brown?

She stood looking out to the sea.

When I got to the office, I had tons of work waiting for me. I was running around like a chicken with its head cut off.

He seems to know what he's doing.


She rose to her feet with tears in her eyes.


Joe is a sheep farmer.


When I give you an order, I expect it to be carried out.

You have no right to judge these people.

The penalty for spitting is five pounds.

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We'll do the best we can with it.

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What are you concerned about?

I didn't believe that I would know the answers.

He was the envy of his friends.

Your car shouldn't be parked here.

I feel a little drowsy.

Kazuhiro died in 2013 in Boston.

Miriam tried to stay calm.

How much money is in your bank account right now?

All medals have two faces.

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The fish is burnt black.

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The King of the East had a beautiful garden, and in the garden stood a tree that bore golden apples.

Mechael is a botanist.

We've got a busy day ahead of us.

Wasn't it your suggestion to Bea that he sell that car?

He made mistake after mistake.

We're talking about Blayne, not Kinch.

I need a red pen.


Did Malcolm remember to do what we asked him to do?


How cute!

Glen planted some flowers in the garden this afternoon.

Spass had no idea why Lila didn't want to go out with him.

The time will come when you will be sorry for it.

I'm prisoner for a crime I didn't commit.

Do you have a bank account?

Deb is fighting for his life.

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I don't know when I'll be able to help you.

The purchase is on the company's account.

A piano reduction is very useful in classical music.

Becky is smart and curious.

I just want you to think about it.

Using the horn at night should be avoided. At night, flash the headlights instead.

I thought you weren't supposed to talk to David.

It is a cross with him, he always comes too early.

I'd appreciate it if you wouldn't do that anymore.

I got it from someone.

I was overwhelmed.


Are there scorpions in Germany?

Could you take me to a movie?

Can anyone hear me?

The bank doesn't open for another hour.

This translation is better than that one.


I think it's time for me to spend a little time with my children.

They fought a fierce battle.

Heinz told me he asked Naim to the homecoming dance.

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I feel safe with you.

Not all Americans supported the war.

I said that he had already made too many decisions.


I just wanted to hear Mara's voice.

They think we're a gang.

I know this much about him.


Rik was still tense.

I wouldn't ask you if it wasn't important.

There was a bottle of wine left.

That can't be!

The boys are playing with their Erector Set.


I didn't want to insult her.


These thing always happen in threes


My shoulders hurt.

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I should have thought you'd had enough.


Are you going to ask them?